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Conceal Carry Gear

Conceal Carry Gear What to Carry with a Firearm Safety and Preparedness The Importance, Having been around many people who carry a licensed firearm, I feel most of them do not recognize the importance of having certain conceal carry gear other than their firearm and spare magazines. Although I do recommend you have these tools […]

The Princeton Tec Tec-1 EDC Flashlight

The Princeton Tec Tec-1 Small, Lightweight and Water-Proof Multi-Use Flashlight Versatile and Powerful The Princeton Tec Tec-1 Flashlight is a fantastic multi-use flashlight, offering great features that are all stuffed into a small and lightweight package. The Tec-1 is great for any EDC and is versatile enough to serve as a hiking light, weapon light […]

EDC Key Carriers

EDC Key Carriers Organizers, Belt Carriers and More Designed to Improve Your EDC Times Have Changed Key Carriers have changed dramatically in recent times. Today there are many options, each fulfilling specific needs or desires. From carbon fiber organizers, to carabineers, to belt holders, many options exist. We’ll introduce you to three exclusively USA made […]

Slim Wallet Options

Slim Wallet Options Designed for the minimalist Flowfold, Magpul, Hitch & Timber, and more… Wallets for the Essentials. As many men know, wallets can become thick and uncomfortable causing many problems, from chaffing, sweating and sitting comfortably. It has become common place for a guy to carry a wallet almost 2 inches thick in his […]