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Best American Made Watch

Sans – 13 Evolution

From Smith & Bradley

The Best USA Made Watch for the Money

Smith & Bradley Sans-13 Stainless PVD Coated Black Watch with Steel Bracelet

Once in a while, as a consumer, you stumble upon a product that reminds you of a time when United States was the leader in making affordable products of un-paralleled quality. Here at EDC Specialties we are surrounded by nothing but top of the line USA Made products. When analyzing these products nothing catches the eye quite like the Sans – 13 Evolution watch.


Smith & Bradley describe the Sans – 13 Evolution as the “perfect watch in live tactical conditions” and built this watch with inspiration from years of experience as both SWAT and K-9 Law Enforcement Officers. With this design the standards have changed, not only for tactical watch makers, but for the watch making market as a whole. As market research suggest, you will not find a watch of this quality, made in the United States, for a comparable price.

To better your understanding about what makes these watches so special, we will break down all the aspects of the Sans – 13 on the list that follows and compare them to potential competitors in the market.


  • 200 Meter Water Depth Resistance (10 ATM)
  • Swiss Ronda Movement
  • Flat Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • 120 Click Unidirectional Bezel
  • 316L Stainless Steel Solid Screw Down Crown Back with Silicone O-Ring Seal
  • Crown Tube with Double O-Ring Internal Seal
  • 316L Stainless Steel Full Brush Case in Stainless Steel and PVD Version
  • 24 Hour Dial
  • Sandwich Dial- Entire Background Is a Lume Plate
  • Lume Plates Embedded in Hands
  • Full Dive Watch with Military Specifications for Tactical Use
  • Full Metal Bracelet- Each Link Has an Individual Screw Bar to Adjust Length
  • Screw Bar Attachment for Metal Bracelet to Watch Body
  • Locking Strap Buckle with Safety Latch
  • 3 Adjustments Within Buckle for Fine Adjustment
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


  • 24mm Lug Width
  • 11mm Thickness
  • 49mm End to End Measurement
  • 42mm Case/44mm With Crown Guard
  • 4.7 Ounces Weight with Metal Bracelet Attached

New and Improved

As of 2016, the Sans – 13 model was redesigned as the Sans – 13 Evolution. Just as modern cars, the Sans – 13 Evolution was designed to improve upon the previous model. Coming in at $450 MSRP, it is seemingly not possible to find an American made dive watch, with the same features, for a comparable price.
As we break down this watch’s features we will progress from top to bottom, or in this case, crystal to latch.

Crystal –

The Sans – 13 Evolution utilizes a flat sapphire crystal to serve as your window to the time. Sapphire is common among high end watch makers due to its extreme hardness. Standard glass is only half as hard, making sapphire the easy choice for a watch and eliminating the worries of the glass being bumped or scratched. Sapphire is also extremely strong at 2,000 mega pascals, about 10 times more than stainless steel, so chances are very unlikely that you will ever break it. Sapphire rates 9 around the Moh scale, (that’s the measures of relative hardness of materials) and it is just behind diamond which measures 10. With Sapphire, you’re easily getting the best material available. Sapphire crystals are the standard of excellence with extremely clear glass that is super hard and strong.

Unidirectional Bezel –

The Smith & Bradley Sans – 13 Evolution has a diving specific Unidirectional Bezel. Rotating counter clockwise the bezel enables a diver to visually keep track of his/her air supply by measuring dive time using minute markers from 0 to 60 on the unidirectional rotating bezel. This is different from a timing bezel as this bezel does not rotate bi-directionally. The bezel is also extremely solid and would be rather difficult to knock off even one of its 120 clicks. The bezel also has large numbers at the 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute marks and smaller numbers for 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. Each second is also represented by a thin line as well. All second marks and numbers on the bezel line up perfectly with the analog dial underneath no matter what position the bezel is in. It is very hard to find a dive watch like this for a comparable price without sacrificing features.

316L Stainless Steel Full Brush Case –

The Sans – 13 Evolution comes standard with a round 316L stainless steel case available in black or silver. Type 316L stainless steel is an extra-low carbon version of the 316 steel alloy. The lower carbon content in 316L minimizes deleterious carbide precipitation resulting from welding. 316L Stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion such as seawater or acidic liquids and is also magnetic resistant, unlike the general-use stainless steel grade of 201 or 304L. With Molybdenum added, it gives 316L a better overall corrosion-resistant property than 304L. Therefore, the material is widely used in diving equipment due to the materials’ high corrosion-resistance. The dimensions of the case itself is 42mm with the crown guard it comes out 44mm wide.

316L Stainless Steel Crown –

The crown, which covers the crown tube, used to manually set the date and time, is a 316L stainless steel screw down case which has its own silicone O-ring making it water proof to the 200m this watch is rated for. To change the time, you unscrew the crown, which disengages the O-ring seal. Then you pull one click which allows you to change the date. One more click and then you can change the time by turning the crown. To re-engage the O-ring, you push the crown all the way in and then tighten by turning clockwise. Once it is all the way tightened the watch will once again be water proof up to 200m. The crown tube inside has a double O-ring internal seal adding layers of protection.

Dial –

The dial in this watch is Arabic – meaning it has numerical indicator markers. Between the numbers are sticks or dash marks for every minute or second depending on which hand you look at. There are also 24-hour indicators located below each 12-hour indicator. Behind the dial is one “Lume” Plate which is basically Smith & Bradley’s version of tritium. With the Lume the watch glows in low light. With Lume you get the same glow as tritium, that last for a long time. It is definitely a unique aspect to this watch but still brings great performance. Jerommie Smith said that the biggest hurdle with this design was going in a different direction from tritium, but they were able to make a comparable product that easily competes with tritium with the Lume technology. The Lume plates are also imbedded within each individual hand.

Movement –

The Sans – 13 Evolution includes a Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement which are popular in dive watches because they have several High-Torque models. Swiss movements and Swiss movement parts are very common for watch makers around the world. They are durable and accurate.

Bracelet –

Included on the Sans – 13 Evolution is a full metal bracelet with each link having its own screw bar adding extreme durability and easy length adjustments. Two screw bars also attach the bracelet to the case. The buckle is a locking strap with safety latch creating a double lock. To undo the buckle, you must pull the latch then press the tabs on both sides which disengages the lock. This mechanism is super secure and the watch will never come off accidentally. The buckle also has three fine adjustment points for minor size changes.

Warranty –

All Smith & Bradley watches come with a 2-year material defect warranty. Warranty service and routine service is done at Smith & Bradley’s maintenance facility in Winter Park, Florida. They will not send your watch to be service by a 3rd party. The same artisans that build the watch will service it.

Simply The Best

With the Sans – 13 you are simply getting the best. For the price, no other dive watch comes close. A competitor that can be used for an example would be the Citizen Eco Professional diver which MSRP is $425. This nearly identically priced dive watch lacks a sapphire crystal, stainless steel bracelet and has a much inferior bezel. Oh, it’s also not made in the United States. For a closer to home competitor you can look at the Shinola Dutch Harbor watch. The Cheapest Dutch Harbor watch will run you $750 and has an inferior crystal and does not have a metal bracelet. The Sans – 13 simply cannot be beat. If your skeptical, look it up for yourself.

After all the research, I have done the Sans – 13 Evolution stands out as in a league of its own. As of right now it seems like the rest of the watch industry needs to catch up. This is easily one of the best watches you can buy for the money. The fact that it’s 100% made in the US is just another sweet cherry on top of this awesome product. I cannot recommend any watch as a better value for the customer. This watch is the perfect tactical watch, dive watch, or EDC watch. Ready for whatever comes its way.