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EDC Box Club Month #10: EDC Box Club “Let there be LIGHT!!!”


It’s getting dark earlier now. Walking to the car after work or grocery shopping can be dangerous, because what you don’t see CAN hurt you…

An absolute essential for your Every Day Carry routine is a good flashlight. We said a GOOD flashlight – not the kind at the checkout station of the hardware store. One that’s going to work when you really need it to, with a powerful beam and sturdy build. Month #10 of #edcboxclub brings you exactly that with the G2X Pro from Surefire.

The Thyrm Switchback 2.0 is the perfect companion for your new light and adds great functionality and convenience while performing almost at any task. This EXCLUJSIVE red is custom made just for #edcboxclub!

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The tenth box is themed “Let there be LIGHT” and contains the following EDC items:

  1. Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight: Surefire has long been the leader in military and law enforcement grade lights and accessories. The G2X Pro is a favorite among tacticians and industrial workers alike due to its incredibly tough construction and ergonomic design features. Powerful enough to blind an attackers with 600 lumens or just enough to see what you’re doing in the 15 lumen mode, the G2x Pro’s click-through tailcap makes it easy to selec a mode. Takes (2) CR123 Batteries (Included)…..MSRP $79
  2. EXCLUSIVE Red Thyrm Switchback 2.0: While using a flashlight, you often need to use your hands for other things. The Thyrm Swicthback 2.0 was originally designed to use as a tool for use with a firearm. By hooking the ring with your index finger, you can utilize your flashlight while still maintaining full dexterity and use of your hands. Great for tasks that require intermittent use of your flashlight while working with your hands. Never set your light down again and leave it on a job site. This EXCLUSIVE red version was made just for #edcboxclub. …..MSRP $20
  3. EDC Brand Pack: Let there be LIGHT! The cat signal….. #evildamncat

Box #10 Retail Value: $99

Made in the USA

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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