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EDC Box Club Month # 2: Currency & Identification


Month #2: Currency & Identification

It’s #edcboxclub Month #2 and in this box we’re going to take a new look at how we carry one of the most important EDC items in each of our daily lives – our wallet.

For a while now, it’s been known that carrying a thick bi-fold or tri-fold wallet in your back pocket is bad for your spine, among other things. Many traditional style wallets have slimmed down as the need to carry cards, pictures, and paper receipts has all but gone to our cell phones, and theft and cyber security is a greater threat than ever.

This month, this #edcbox club contains one featured item – an exclusive take on the radical F1 wallet from Vice Hardware. This aluminum and titanium wallet is sleek and sexy, with RFID blocker, engraved front plate (interchangeable) insert and leather money clip. Your new wallet was designed to be a compact and ergonomic way to store and handle your currency and identification, and built to last a lifetime.

The second box is themed “Currency & Identification” and contains the following:

  1. Vice Hardware F1 Aluminum & Titanium Wallet: The new way to carry your currency, cards and ID is securely, in your front pocket. We know changing wallets is a tough thing to do.. it’s hard to imagine not carrying around all that paper and plastic. The truth is, your don’t need it all. Transfer as much as you can to your phone – ditch the paper receipts and get an app that scans and files them; digitize all your photos and quit handing out those tri-folds bills that everyone hates. Your new Vice Hardware F1 wallet was made just for you. It will hold up to 12 cards and 15 bills securely, and has RFID blocking capability. This exclusive run of black F1’s are the first ever to get a leather money clip and custom engraving on the cover plate, which is interchangeable (see vicehardware.com for more options). Your new wallet is 100% made in the USA using quality materials and craftsmanship, and it is meant to last a lifetime….. MSRP $98 *Top Value Item
  2.  EPD 12-Step Card: A fun way to track your recovery from E.P.D. Empty Pocket Disorder. Your 12-step recovery program highlights your year of #edcboxclub and certifies you as a member of the most      exclusive Every Day Carry Club in the USA!
  3. EDC Sticker Pack: Be on the Lookout! Edie C, the EvilDamnCat, has got herself a license to drive. Word of advice, don’t hand this to the officer who pulls you over – you’ll end up in the catbox!

Box #2 Retail Value: $98

A video for each monthly box will be available on YouTube to cover your #edcboxclub items in more detail, and an info sheet will be included in each box to explain the products and how they work as part of your every day carry.

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. Please feel free to give us your feedback at anytime.

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