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EDC Box Club Month # 3: Multi Purpose


Month #3: EDC Multi-Purpose

By its very definition, multi-purpose can mean a lot of different things, and in the world of Every Day Carry that can be a real life saver.

Month #3 of #edcboxclub sets you up for a multi-purpose free-for-all, and gives you a peek into what’s to come. This month features our handmade leather dual tool slip which can fit any number of EDC items that you might choose to carry. Load it up with your current favorite pen, prybar or small pocket knife, or be patient and we will load it for you over the next couple of months of #edcboxclub.

Also in this month’s box is a popular RETREEV – an #edcboxclub favorite! We’re received more videos, comments, and positive feedback on this tool than any other single item. You may not know what you’ll need it for now, but when you do there is no substitute!

This third box is themed “Multi-Purpose” and contains the following:

  1. EDC Specialties Leather Dual Tool Slip: Handmade by Gorilla Leather, this handy tool slip can comfortably carry pens, prybars, pocket tools, pocket knives, etc. The soft American leather will break in easily once fitted to your EDC items. If you’ve been looking for a way to carry items that aren’t pocket friendly on their own, or items you want to protect form other pocket contents, this dual tool slip is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Of course, everyone has a different idea of what to carry in their tool slip. If you are undecided and don’t know exactly what you’ll “slip” into yours, then be patient – we have a plan for you….. MSRP $55
  2. Tec Accessories RETREEV Tool: This is one of those items that raises an eyebrow for many. “What am I going to do with this?”, you may ask yourself. take our word for it  – when you need it, you will know! The RETREEV Tool from Tec Accessories has an all aluminum case that acts as a normal everyday fob until you need it to come to the rescue to retrieve just about anything you can grab with a magnet or grappling hook (watch our YouTube video). So many possibilities, it’s as much fun as it is useful….. MSRP $30
  3. EDC Brand Pack: The Evil Damn Cat has a limited edition patch, and your lucky enough to get one this month!

Box #3 Retail Value: $85

A video for each monthly box will be available on YouTube to cover your #edcboxclub items in more detail, and an info sheet will be included in each box to explain the products and how they work as part of your every day carry.

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. Please feel free to give us your feedback at anytime.

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