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EDC Box Club Month # 5: Key Solutions & Storage


Month #5: Key Solutions & Storage

Do they hear you coming when you walk down the hall? Does your keychain look like a garage sale of carabiners, bottle openers and keys? Month 5 of #edcboxclub aims to change that with a key solution that will keep you quiet and organized.

KeyBar’s unique solution has been America’s leading product for keeping your keys and EDC accessories secure and at the ready. Your new KeyBar Jr is an #edcboxclub exclusive , milled from red micarta with midnight titanium back side. Use the Magnut to attach your car fob or large key, and detach at a moment’s notice.

To keep your keys in sight, even in the dark, you can count on your new Tec Accessories Glow Fob to guide you in the right direction. Embrite technology stays illuminated for hours after being charged by ambient light.

The fifth box is themed “Key Solutions & Storage” and contains the following:

  1. EXCLUSIVE KeyBar Jr: This unique key storage and management solution is meant to fit up to 4 keys, however, it is expandable to accommodate many more, along with a variety of accessories available through both EDC Specialties and KeyBar. your EXCLUSIVE #edcboxclub version has been custom made from red micarta and lasered midnight titanium. Includes titanium pocket clip and small screw set (to accommodate more keys, you’ll need the screw extension set, sold separately)…. MSRP $60
  2. KeyBar Magnut: This is the perfect companion for your KeyBar Jr. The small aluminum Magnut contains a rare-earth magnet that has 6.5lbs of hold  – enough to handle your car key FOB or large key, and much more…. MSRP $10
  3. Tec Accessories Glow Fob: Can you see me now? This little lantern will guide you to your keys in the dark, as the Embrite pellet insude puts off its green glow for hours, Charged by ambient light, the pellet will last for years and is interchangeable with different colors, available from Tec Accessories….MSRP $20
  4. EDC Brand Pack: Meow no one will hear you coming….. muhahaha. That #evildamncat is at it again. Plus, SWAG from KeyBar.

Box #5 Retail Value: $90

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