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EDC Box Club Month # 8: Build-Your-Own Multitool


Multitools come in an infinite number of styles, sizes and configurations. There is no perfect combination for everyone, all the time. A person’s most used tools can even change with job,season, mood, event, etc. So, why carry a multitool that someone else has put together? What if you had a multitool that you could change on the fly and fit with your favorite tools? In Month #8 of your #edcboxclub you will find just that – a way to modularly configure all of your most used tools, exactly how you want them. When we had the idea for a customizable multitool, the first call we made was to our friends at Keybar. We worked with them to come up with the base configuration, and the rest is upto you. Fit an infinte number of tools (and keys), in the order you want them. Visit us at edcspecialties.com or Keybar.us for more tools and options!

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

The eighth box is themed “Build-Your-Own Multitool” and contains the following:

  1. EXCLUSIVE Red Aluminum Keybar: The basis for your setup is this full sized Keybar in red aluminum. ….MSRP $40
  2. EXCLUSIVE Anodized Titanium Tool Kit: Hand picked for #edcboxclub by Mike at Keybar, this combination of precision milled titanium tools represents Keybar’s best sellers and our customers’ most used gadgets for EDC. A Philips screwdriver, tweezers, pick, and bottle opener (also a flat head screwdriver) – all beautifully anodized! This setup is just a start… you’ll be amazed at all of the accessories that fit into your Keybar. Visit edcspecialties.com or keybar.us to explore all of the possibilities for your “Build-Your-Own” multitool. ….MSRP $47.50
  3. EDC Brand Pack: MeowGyver is always prepared #evildamncat

Box #8 Retail Value: $87.50

Made in the USA

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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