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2021 EDC Box Club Level 1 (Monthly Subscription) Initial Payment & Sign Up (Click Play on the Image to Watch Video)


ENTRIES FOR 2021 ARE CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who signed up!

Sign up for the 2021 EDC Box Club anytime in between September 1- December 15, 2020 and secure your spot for a new year of the ONLY 100% American Made EDC Box Club.

What is EDC Box Club? 
It’s a subscription service that delivers high quality American made EDC gear to your door each month, in boxes that are themed to provide you with an entire collection of items to keep you prepared for anything the day (or night) may have to throw at you. Each box contains 1-3 items that compliment the theme for each month. After the 12 months are complete, so is your repertoire of Every Day Carry gear.

Who is it for?
EDC Box Club was designed for the EDC enthusiast who is searching for unique products that are highly functional, attractive and made in the USA. EDC Box Club also makes a great gift, or can be used to start an EDC gear collection. Male, female, young or not, if you are old enough to have a prepared mindset, then you are old enough for EDC Box Club.

How does it work?
The 12-month subscription begins with the sign up period which is September 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020. *NOTE: After December 15, 2020 we can no longer accept subscriptions for the 2021 delivery year. To sign up all you have to do is complete the purchase of this item. Your card will be charged $64.95 plus any applicable taxes and shipping at the time of the purchase. This secures your subscription and pays for your first box, which ships January 2021. Your card will be automatically charged for the remaining 11 boxes on the first of each month. Since you pay for each box ahead of time, there is no charge to you card in December, however, you do receive a box.

What comes in the boxes?
We don’t like to give away any surprises, however, we can tell you that each month is themed to represent an essential category of EDC. In each box you’ll find 1-3 high quality USA made items that you can carry and use for a lifetime. Many items are unique, handmade, or made as exclusives for us by makers you know and love. To give you an idea of what to expect, here is the list of monthly themes:

Month 1: Storage & Organization – you’re going to accumulate a lot of gear, you’ll need places to store it safely.
Month 2: Currency & Identification – transform the way you carry your wallet into a sleek and efficient method.
Month 3: Multipurpose – are you ready for anything? You really will be after this month’s box.
Month 4: Writing – one of the most essential, yet often overlooked EDC necessities to be fully prepared.
Month 5: Pocket Tool – small, lightweight and there when you need it, a must have category for any EDC enthusiast.
Month 6: Key Solution – stop the noise and carry your keys in a truly innovative and useful manner.
Month 7: Fire – you never know when your life or safety may depend on one of man’s oldest EDC items.
Month 8: On the Go – there are certain things you should always have with you when you’re on the go.
Month 9: Multitool – a fully capable multi-tool can be your best friend when you have complex tasks at hand.
Month 10: Illumination – light up your life, and your EDC with a quality American made light and accessories.
Month 11: SWAG – this month we’ll send you a unique EDC gift on us, and roll your monthly fee into the Grande Finale next month.
Month 12: Knife – the item everyone has been waiting for! You’ll receive a HIGH QUALITY AMERICAN MADE FOLDING KNIFE from a major manufacturer, in an exclusive run for #edcboxclub.

What’s that you say? You have all this stuff already? Not like this you don’t… Sign up today to get your hands on all of this amazing American Made EDC Gear in 2021.


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