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Friday the 13th “Blind Buy” 1 in 9 Knives for Choice of ANY Medford Knife IN STOCK


We have a Friday the 13th event that no EDC enthusiast will want to miss out on!

Want a chance to win ANY Medford Knife in stock? Pick your number, and you might just get the TREAT OF THE YEAR! No tricks…

Our cat Edie has 9 Knives (not 9 lives – she has used a few) priced at $650 each that are available for purchase right now (ALL MKT). Eight of these Medford knives are worth at least $600 – the ninth one gives you a voucher for your choice of ANY IN STOCK Medford Knife (up to $1100). No one knows which number has what inside, so your guess is as good as 1 in 9 for the GRAND PRIZE. Pick a number and see what you receive!

Made in the USA

Usually ships in 1-2 business days