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T-Ring Finger Cut Kit


*NOTE: This is a medical device. Read and follow all instructions carefully and seek medical advice immediately. 

The one and only T-Ring Finger Cut Kit from Precision Medical Devices is the first device specifically developed to be a tourniquet for fingers and toes. The T-Ring slides over any finger with just the right amount of pressure to stop blood flow long enough to clean and dress the wound. Read and follow all instructions. Never keep the T-Ring on for more than 60 minutes.

(1) T-Ring Finger Tourniquet
(1) Sanitizing Wipe
(1) Sterile Gauze
(4) Steri Strips Wound Closures
(2) Band-Aids
(2) Finger Covers

The Finger Cut Kit is redeemable for a total of 500 rewards points.

Made in the USA

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Out of stock

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