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The 2024 Fish Finder Collection Knife Series Sign Up & Deposit


Your $200 payment today is a deposit good for $50 towards each of the 4 seasonal Fish Finder Collection knives. Please read the full details below.

By completing the $200 deposit payment today, you are signing up for the 2024 Fish Finder Collection Knife Series featuring 4 seasonal trophy fish beautifully represented on some of the world’s most popular high quality USA made pocket knives. You’ll be able to choose from our fresh or salt water collection for each of your four pocket knives. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up today by completing this transaction and paying a $200 deposit, and you will have secured a spot for all 4 knives throughout 2024. $50 of your deposit will go towards the final purchase price of each knife.
  2. A few weeks prior to shipment of each seasonal knife, you will receive an email with the details of the upcoming selection. The make, model and all custom parts and work will be spelled out and each knife will be priced accordingly, based on fair market value. All four offerings will be priced under $350 each.
  3. All four knives will be different brands and/or models so that no two are duplicated in the series.
  4. For each offering, a salt water and a fresh water seasonal trophy species will be depicted on the handle. You can choose either the salt water or the fresh water fish for your knife.
  5. In the email will be a link to choose your species and pay the balance due on the item (purchase price minus the $50 deposit, plus applicable tax and shipping).
  6. Once your selection has been made and paid for, your knife will be made to order and shipped directly to your door within a few weeks.
  7. Your deposit funds are split to ensure that you have a spot for the upcoming knives. If you choose to terminate your series early, the remainder of the deposit money is non-refundable ($50 each for any knife you have not received).
  8. All products and workmanship carries a 100% Lifetime Warranty under normal use conditions and we also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all custom work. Includes FREE Lifetime sharpening.

Sign up today and join the Fish Finder 2024 Collection Knife Series!

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