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Turkey Piñata “Blind Buy” 1 in 10 for a Medford Knife & Tool M-48 or Surefire G2X Pro Plus Accessories


It’s our November 1 in 10! Don’t miss your chance at a Medford Knife & Tool M-48!

Each turkey piñata has a cache of goodies with it… 9 of them have a Surefire G2X Pro Pack Plus and 1 lucky turkey has an MKT M48 knife worth $570!!!

We’ve got 10 Turkey Piñatas (priced at $135 each) that are available for purchase right now. Nine of these turkeys are sitting on a cache of goodies from EDC Specialties worth $115. The tenth one has a Medford M48, worth over $570! No one knows which number turkey has which items inside, so your guess is as good as 1 in 10 for a MKT M48. So, pick a number 1-10, purchase your turkey and see what you receive! Be sure to get yours before they’re gone!

Made in the USA

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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