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Titanium Anodization (See Color Chart)


*NOTE: ONLY TITANIUM PARTS can be anodized. Please call 916-476-5094 if you have any questions before sending in your items. 

Anodizing titanium is a process that changes the way light is refracted from the surface of the metal, creating colors ranging from bright yellows to deep blues, purples and pinks. Anodizing can be achieved through various methods and results can vary depending on the finish of the metal being anodized. As a general rule, the higher the polish, the brighter the color. Titanium parts ONLY.

Choose from:

  1. Electronic (Voltage) Anodization: Much easier to control consistency, solid color and precise colors and fades. Use the Voltage Chart (pictured) to specify the voltage for your preferred color choice(s). Fades from one voltage to another are acceptable.
  2. Distressed or Multi-Tonal: Choose two colors from the voltage chart, one higher than the other. The higher voltage color is the field and the lower is the accent color. The field is distressed using an emory board or other technique and the second color is applied to the distressed areas. This technique uses the Voltage Chart for choosing colors (pictured)
  3. Flame (Heat) Anodization: Usually darker in color hue, the flaming process creates browns, purples and blues on titanium. Colors and patterns of color are not easily controlled, so the result can be organic and vary greatly.
  4. Chemical Warfare (Heat + Acid) Anodization: This process creates a random organic pattern of “lightning” over a field of fiery blues, oranges, and purples. Chemical Warfare can be done on matte or polished surfaces, however, the results are very different between the two finishes.

Many services can be combined to create outstanding finishes for both aesthetics and durability. Call to discuss options.

Instructions for sending in your knives: (Do NOT send Automatic Knives through USPS – use UPS or FedEx). It is recommended that you insure your packages for the replacement value of the products. Include your order number and choose your shipping option.

Mail all items to be serviced to:

EDC Specialties
11292 Coloma Rd Ste C
Gold River CA 95670

In-House Service

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