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EDC Key Carriers

EDC Key Carriers

Organizers, Belt Carriers and More

Designed to Improve Your EDC

Times Have Changed

Key Carriers have changed dramatically in recent times. Today there are many options, each fulfilling specific needs or desires. From carbon fiber organizers, to carabineers, to belt holders, many options exist. We’ll introduce you to three exclusively USA made variants of these products to help you understand available options and their differences.

#1 – Key-Bak KK2: Locking Key Ring with Belt Carrier

The Key-Bak KK2 is a multiple piece belt carrier for you key ring, that allows you to keep your keys in an accessible place, without the worry of them being lost. The first piece of this unit is a belt clip that easily slides over any standard belt. Once on the belt, the clip is hard to remove due to its retention. The second piece is a 1-1/4” key ring that includes a knob for attaching the key ring to the belt clip.

To attach the key ring to the clip you simply line the slit on the knob vertically to the belt carrier. The two slide over each other and lock with a 90-degree twist. Once locked, the key ring will not detach and is secured to your belt. The ring will not fall off even when upside down and unlocked. A good tug is needed to get the key ring to detach from the belt carrier. Once detached you can use the keys. The KK2 also doubles as a phone or pager carrier and comes with two additional attachment pieces for them.


#2 – KeyBar: Key Organizer

The KeyBar Organizer is a multi-tool like device which holds up to 12 keys. Designed to limit the size and noise of your key ring, this device is great for any improved EDC or someone in law enforcement. The KeyBar functions like a multi-tool because the keys are placed tightly next to each other and fold out just like the tools within a multi-tool. Washers allow the keys to open independently and different sized screws and O-rings make the KeyBar fully adjustable to any variation of keys. Screws come in 3 sets, allowing you to adjust for 4, 8, or 12 keys. The KeyBar also comes with a ring to attach to a key fob for the car and a pocket clip for easy access.

With your keys stacked one on top of the other and held together within a strong frame, you will greatly reduce the size of your key ring and eliminate its noise by simply eliminating the movement of your keys. The KeyBar is a great tool to add to any EDC.

#3 – Brous Blades Carbon Fiber KeyBiner

The KeyBiner by Brous Blades takes the key organizer to the next level. Just like the KeyBar, the KeyBiner’s main function is to serve as a key organizer. But this key carrier also has a carbon fiber carabiner and a multi-tool included, giving this organizer much more functionality. With a carabiner, you get the common style of key carry that allows for quick detachment commonly located on a belt loop. The KeyBiner is made of mostly carbon fiber making it light weight and very strong for its size. The BMT style multi-tool included, is made of D2 steel and features a cutter, bottle opener, pry bar, nail puller, screw driver and gradual hex driver making you key ring extremely versatile.

Just like the KeyBar the KeyBiner has a fully adjustable key organizer with washers and varying screw sizes allowing for your keys to be retained and secure, which also eliminates any noise. The KeyBiner holds up to 14 keys and has a secondary ring for a key fob. With the Brous Blade KeyBiner you get an organizer with unparalleled features to take you EDC to the ultimate level. Brous Blades is a very limited company and made only 100 of these awesome tools, making them unique and limited.


Tighten Up Your EDC

All three of these tools are excellent options to add to you EDC. They allow for easy access to your keys and limit the invasiveness a key ring can have in your pockets. Each product is USA made and will withstand the wear and tear of being carried every day. Keys are an everyday carry essential and are sometimes overlooked. Don’t let your keys become an impractical strain on your pocket space and comfort.