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The Rat Bastard Carl


From The Rat Bastard

Unique, Tough, Quality

New to EDC Specialties are unique and specialized Everyday Carry tools from Rat Bastard. These tools are classified as multi-function bottle openers, but offer an extremely unique and artistic designs unlike any other bottle opener or EDC tool on the market. The specific tools now at EDC Specialties are the Enigma Pocket Probe, Enigma Tab and the Rat Bastard “Carl”. In this blog we will break down Carl, the conspicuous and diligent rat.

Carl, the cutest tool around.

Carl is the first multi-function bottle opener now at EDC Specialties from RB Tools. With the looks of a Rat, Carl is designed to serve multiple purposes without creating a massive clutter in your EDC.

Here are some of Carl’s Features:

  • ¼” Bit Driver
  • Lanyard Hole 
  • Self Defense Knuckle
  • Bottle Opener


  • Material: Copper or Brass
  • Weight: 1.3oz
  • Size: 1.72”x1.66”
  • Thickness: .25”
  • Made in the USA

Nathan Sanchez of RB Tools designed and created the Carl in Los Angeles. This little rat has been serving as a functional member of Everyday Carry gear ever since. Small enough to carry in a pocket or on a keychain and tough enough to use as an EDC tool, this little guy can always come in handy.

Also included on Carl is a ¼” bit driver to use if needed to tighten or loosen any screw, this feature comes in handy during daily life as most people do not carry a screw driver and you never know what may require a quick fix.

Carl’s tail is also large enough to fit around your finger and could potentially be used as a knuckle if needed in a self-defense situation. To use you could simply grab Carl’s body and place Carl’s tail around your finger kind of like a traditional brass knuckle. The tail is large enough to fit the largest of hands. You should practice the grip if you plan on using the carl as a self defense tool to find the comfort spot free from sharp edges.

Carl’s Unique Design

My personal favorite feature of Carl has to be the artistic design of this little guy, it is something very unique that stands out from conventional bottle openers. Carl’s handsome looks come in multiple different options, including engravings and finishes. The two here at EDC Specialties are the “Waffle” and “Vertigo” engravings which both have a brass finish You ca see the vertigo pattern in the photo at the top of the blog. The Waffle and Vertigo patterns add depth and finely machined lines to give Carl a very artistic look and quality feel.

The Rat Bastard Carl is a highly-recommended EDC tool, perfect to become your go to bottle opener. This little Rat Bastard is strong, functional, and extremely unique. Customize Carl with a lanyard and you will have a one of a kind tool that gets the job done like nobody else.