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The Princeton Tec Tec-1 EDC Flashlight

The Princeton Tec Tec-1

Small, Lightweight and Water-Proof

Multi-Use Flashlight

Versatile and Powerful

The Princeton Tec Tec-1 Flashlight is a fantastic multi-use flashlight, offering great features that are all stuffed into a small and lightweight package. The Tec-1 is great for any EDC and is versatile enough to serve as a hiking light, weapon light or even a swimming light. Here’s a breakdown of all of the Tec-1′s features and specs.

Features and Specs:

Weight 2.4 Ounces
Bulb Type LED (1 White LED)
Manufactured Made In The USA
Beam Type Spot
Light Output 250 lumens
Max Light Output 250 lumens
Max Beam Distance (m) 58 meters
Beam Distance 58 meters
Brightness Levels 1
Strobes 0
Average Run Time 1 hr. 15 min.
Rechargeable No
Batteries 1 CR123
Material(s) Metal/plastic
Dimensions 3.25 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches
Water-Resistance Rating IPX7
Uses EDC, Hiking, Tactical, All Weather Outdoors



The Tec-1 from Princeton Tec is one of the brightest, most compact and lightweight flashlights you can find for the money. The exterior of the light is polymer which tightly encases a metal interior. Both ends of the light are O-ring sealed screw caps, creating a water tight seal up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes. The back cap cases the CR123 battery and the front cap allows for access to the LED bulb. Each cap has a metal washer, one of which has the pocket clip attached. The clip can be reversed to either side by undoing the screw cap and switching the washers to either side. When the cap is tightened completely the pocket clip will not move or swivel. The clip is also a deep carry clip, making the light very concealed and out of the way. When in your pocket the short 3.25 inch length and depth of 1.25 inches takes up little space. The flashlight is also only 2.4 ounces which is remarkably light, especially when compared to another popular EDC Flashlight, the surefire G2X Pro, which is 4.6 ounces.


The operation of the light includes a push button on the back end. One click turns the light on. With the one click, the light will stay on as long as you finger keeps the button pushed down. To get the light to stay on without you finger pushing the button, you simply double click the push button. By double clicking the light will stay on until it is clicked off. When on, the light has one brightness setting good for 250 lumens, a distance of 58 meters or 190.3 feet if you’re American… The beam or light pattern is a spot, where the light is more focused into one point, as opposed to a flood light. The light itself is not rechargeable but you can buy rechargeable CR123 batteries. You would have to remove the battery and recharge it separately but it would still be a convenient system. With a run time of 1 hour and 15 minutes you would only have to recharge or replace batteries every once and a while anyways.

Best Uses

The best all around use for the Tec-1 flashlight would be an Everyday Carry role. It is a great option to simply have on you just as your knife or phone, due to its lightweight and compact design. Some more specific uses that this light would be great for would be hiking and even as a tactical light. due to the nature of hiking you want the lightest and smallest option available without sacrificing power. The Tec-1 is that light. And if your hiking and the weather becomes wet or you have to cross a stream you would not have to worry about the light in your pocket as it can withstand getting wet. I also say it would be a good tactical light because it fits into any 1 inch mount and is so light you wouldn’t feel it on your firearm. It would also be great in handheld tactical situations like holding it with your off hand under your handgun. It would also be great to have in your pocket to pair with your concealed carry firearm. I believe every conceal carry holder should also have a flashlight on them at night for safety and tactical advantages. To be able to shoot a target you must be able to see the target.

The Tec-1 Verdict,

All in all, the Tec-1 from Princeton Tec is a great flashlight that provides great light for its size. Although it is extremely lightweight, it remains durable and solid. With these features and the waterproof design I highly recommend this light for any EDC or outdoor enthusiast. it is a great light to have on hand and ready when needed. It will not overload your pockets and can handle whatever you throw its way.

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