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Key-Bak KK2 Locking Key Ring Review

Key-Bak KK2 Review

Locking Key Ring With Belt Carrier System

Your Carabiner Replacement For The Same Price

The Key-Bak KK2 is a little known keychain accessory that in my honest opinion should be at the top of the list for key organization in the every day carry community. Key-Bak is an American company that was established in 1948 and is most known for their “janitor style” self-retracting key reels. Most of their products are still made here in the USA and maintain a level of quality unbeatable for the price. The KK2 Locking Key Ring is full of surprises, none of which you would be able to discover without utilizing this simple yet perfectly designed keychain accessory tool.

Switching over to a dedicated belt clip

At first glance, I was a skeptic. Being a carabiner kind of guy for years I definitely had my reservations about switching over to a dedicated belt clip, locking key ring contraption that was a mix of polymer and steel. However, here at EDC Specialties we are unwilling to promote anything we haven’t put our seal of approval on so out the carabiner went and in came the KK2. And nothing will ever be the same!

The Biggest Benefit of the Key-Bak KK2 Locking Key Ring

The most notable benefit of the KK2 is the dedicated belt carrier system that the key ring fob locks and unlocks from. By turning the key ring vertically, it allows the polymer fob to slide past the locking post within the belt carrier and remove your keys from your belt. To lock it back in place, you simply slide the fob back on the belt carrier and turn it horizontally. Extremely simple and with a short break in period the action becomes second nature and deploys your keys smoothly. The best part of this whole system is that your keys are free of any bulk that they would usually be burdened by.

Instead of a gigantic carabiner or hook unit dangling from your car’s ignition and banging you in the knees at every turn, the only thing left attached to your keys from the KK2 while in use is a tiny polymer fob about the size of a gumdrop. This innovation in key carry not only caused me to rid myself of the ole’ carabiner configuration I used for years but ended the suffering I’ve endured for more than a decade of knee busting keychains smashing my right leg in every vehicle I’ve ever owned.

I am 6’3″ so it’s possible not everyone has felt the pain of the “ride along wrecking ball” effect in their car but I am glad its finally over! This same concept also applies to just using your keys in general from opening your front door to utlizing one of your EDC stlye multi-tools, the lack of bulk from the KK2’s fob makes all of those daily functions easier to bare.

Key-Bak KK2 Locking Key Ring Goes the Extra Mile

Key-Bak not only creates some of the best key retention systems there are but they also seem to want to go the extra mile on a regular basis. Hence the KK2 also including two different styled fobs that attach to the belt carrier and are adhesive backed to use the KK2 as a cellphone holster or any similar item that might benefit from belt carry. So not only does the KK2 retain your keys like a champ but, it can carry around your phone or similar sized items (perhaps a card holder?) as well. Another plus of having the dedicated belt carrier is that you can switch between any key ring or accessory that has a KK2 fob attachement without using multiple belt attachements. If you were to acquire a couple KK2 systems, it would be easy to switch from work to home keys just by grabbing the appropriate key ring and sliding it right on to your belt. With all of the possibilites here how can it get any better? I’ll tell you.

The Key-Bak KK2 Locking Key Ring Price

The price of the KK2 Key Ring Locking System with Belt Carrier is insanely low for how functional it is. It’s $6.00! $6.00, that’s it! Crazy right? I have a hard time finding a basic carabiner worth it’s ability for close to $6.00 and yet this ultra useful, highly innovative key ring retention master is just that. $6.00. Some might consider this to be the best part of the KK2 and that point is hard to argue. One thing I can say is at that price point, you are not risking much at all to at least give the Key-Bak KK2 a shot and if you decide it’s right for you, then grabbing up a couple more to switch between key rings or add more fobs to your accessories isn’t too pricy either.

All in all, the Key-Bak KK2 Key Ring Locking System with Belt Carrier is new to my every day carry routine however, after months of testing I can say with confidence that it will stay as a part of my EDC for a long time to come. I suggest everyone at least give it a try and for $6.00, there really is no risk involved here!