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Brous Blades BMT, EDC Pocket Tool

The Brous Blades BMT (Brous Multi-Tool)

A Perfect EDC Pocket Tool

Small, Lightweight, Simple




Some of the most common, most useful everyday carry items that encompass EDC are the pocket or keychain sized multi-tools. Multi-tools are full of different functions and can provide the user with a plethora of options when it comes to facing a daily task or even an emergency. The smaller, keychain sized multi-tools are highly sought after thanks to their easy to carry size while still providing some useful tools that would be hard to carry around individually. Enter the Brous Blades BMT or Brous Multi-Tool. This American made multi tool carries 8 different functions with it including:

  • Key Ring
  • Cutter (Belt Cutter or Line Cutter)
  • Bottle Opener
  • Pry Bar
  • Nail Puller
  • Screw Driver
  • Gradual Hex Driver
  • Self Defense Weapon (Striker)

Here are some specs about the BMT as well: (Note the D2 Steel material, very strong and durable!)

  • Length = 2.75″
  • Width = 1.375″
  • Hole = 0.85″
  • Thickness = 0.11″
  • Steel = D2
  • Weight = 0.61 oz

Carry the Brous Blades BMT on your keychain, in your pocket or possibly in a Hitch & Timber style gear organizer but whatever you do, always carry it! Since I have started carrying the BMT, it’s shown me many uses as well as taken over responsibilities of other tools I no longer need to drag around. They also come in a variety of different colors, So, let’s talk about some real life uses of the BMT.

BMT Day to Day Use

As is the case with most EDC gear, you never realize how much you would ever use some of this stuff until you are carrying it around everyday. Luckily, I strapped the BMT on to my key ring and never looked back. One thing I will admit is that when you first start carrying a new piece of EDC gear, sometimes you will come up on an opportunity to use it without remembering you either have it or can use it for the task at hand. I did not have this problem with the BMT which I believe is mainly derived from the fact that I was really excited about adding it to my everyday carry routine and may have gone out of my way to find reasons to use it. Sometime’s substituting it over my knife although it would have been the more practical choice. Some of the things I’ve used it so far include:

  • Using the belt cutter to open a package
  • Popping beer bottle caps (not like a lot or anything…)
  • Loosening a light switch scew
  • Pushing a nail back in
  • Cracking open a crusted paint can
  • Cutting a tag off of a new shirt

Now that might not be a long list but many of those tasks may have been a little more difficult had I not had the BMT readily accessible and with me all the time. I still have not had an opportunity to use the gradual hex driver but you better believe that the next time I’m in front of a nut and bolt that it’s on! I also understand the premise of the striker, knuckle style self defense weapon it can be used as but as that I have other defensive options and hope to stay out of trouble, I am not sure I’ll ever be privy to how the BMT actually works for that scenario. Although, if carrying your keys in your hands also double as a weapon when heading toward your car after work or school late at night, you should definitely throw a BMT on your key ring as that it is a much more capable weapon.

Brous Blades BMT vs Other EDC Style Keychain Sized Multi-Tools

In the wide world of everyday carry there is an extremely large market for the small, lightweight generally keychain carry style multi-tool. You can find just about every single kind of tool configuration you can think of. There are also so more complex style tools that still fit the bill when it comes to size including the traditionally styled Leatherman Micra or the Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp. The BMT fits into the the category of a singular piece of metal that has been milled to gain functionality and capability. Most of the tools in that category are made overseas in China or Taiwan in order to meet the price points that most consumers are comfortable with. There are a few companies that produce these tools in America and they tend to be of higher quality and made with better steel or even titanium. As soon as you have one of these American made, high quality tools in your hand you will immediately notice the difference between that and its overseas counterpart. The BMT is no exception to this idea. D2 is an extremely durable and strong steel that is used for many different tool and knife applications. Knife steels have a lot more to be though about when creating a blade that needs edge retention and chip resistance. Tools on the other hand generally need durability, strength and corrosion resistance more so than anything else. Here is a brief explanation of the D-series of tool steel:

D-Series Tool Steel = High Carbon-Chromium 

The D-series of the cold-work class of tool steels, which originally included types D2, D3,D6, and D7, contains between 10% and 13% chromium (which is unusually high). These steels retain their hardness up to a temperature of 425 °C (797 °F). Common applications for these tool steels include forging dies, die-casting die blocks, and drawing dies. Due to their high chromium content, certain D-type tool steels are often considered stainless or semi-stainless, however their corrosion resistance is very limited due to the precipitation of the majority of their chromium and carbon constituents as carbides.

BMT + EDC = Prepared

The Brous Blades BMT (Brous Mult-Tool) is by far one of the best additions to my EDC as of recent. While I am on the journey of converting everything I carry everyday to high quality, all made in America components, sometimes you acquire a piece of gear that really does it for you. And for me, that is the BMT. Not only do I feel more prepared for whatever could possibly come my way but, I also feel that I have an extremely valuable piece of equipment at my disposable 24/7. I have not yet graduated to the class of carrying a full sized Leatherman around but perhaps the BMT will prolong that from happening anytime soon. Plus, carrying a BMT is just so much easier to do! They look don’t look too bad either. I have a feeling that the BMT will be on my keychain for a long time to come.